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Without a Shorter Net

The gem of this podcast is at the end; Pegasus, a 23 minute composition with wind ensemble from Wayne Shorter's newly released Without A Net. The Podcast starts with the 3 Cohens doing their version of the classic Tiger Rag. For something completely different, we go to Rudresh Mahanthappa's Gamak including a way out raga. U Mass educator Jeff Holmes has a great new CD with a track included here. Next up is a taste of a wonderful project from Russ Kaplan telling the tale of The Odyssey. More Indo/Jazz fusion from Rez Abassi before we finish with the Shorter masterpiece.

Featured Album

Without a Net - Wayne Shorter on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Tiger Rag ~ 3 Cohens ~ Family
Stay I ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Abohgi ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Of One's Own ~ Jeff Holmes ~ Of One's Own
Pigz in Space ~ Russ Kaplan +7 ~ The Ulysees Cycle (pre-release)
Prognostication ~ Russ Kaplan +7 ~ The Ulysees Cycle (pre-release)
The Cure ~ Rez Abbasi Trio ~ Coninuous Beat
Pegasus ~ Wayne Shorter Quartet ~ Without a Net

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Perhaps the greatest source of inspiration in art and life is FAMILY, and so it is for the three Cohens from Tel Aviv. This podcast begins with the 3 Cohens and their recent album Family. In fact, the entire podcast is recent albums from Terri Lyne Carrington's interpretations of Duke Ellington, Wayne Shorter's anticipated new release, Branford Marsalis' virtuosic quartet and Rudresh Mahanthappa with his return to high energy fusion sound. Keep listening to this podcast to hear more of these great new jazz albums.

Featured Album

Family - 3 Cohens

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Blues for Dandi's Orange Bull Chasing an Orange Sack ~ 3 Cohens ~ Family
The Mooch ~ 3 Cohens ~ Family
Money Jungle ~ Terri Lyne Carrington ~ Money Jungle
Wig Wise ~ Terri Lyne Carrington ~ Money Jungle
Orbits ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Without a Net
Theo ~ Branford Marsalis ~ 4 MFs Playin' Tunes
Lots of Interest ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Ballad For Troubled Times ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak

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At the heart of this podcast is a Wayne Shorter set that shows different sides of this jazz genius' writing and soloing skills. We start the podcast with Donald Byrd, who passed away this week. We play some vintage Chick Corea and brand new Terri Lynn Carrington. Dana Lauren serenades us from her latest album. After the Shorter set, we hear from another great saxophone player, also playing the bass clarinet, Chris Potter from a new release, The Sirens.

Featured Album

Off to the Races - Donald Byrd on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Lover Come Back To Me ~ Donald Byrd ~ Off to the Races
Litha ~ Chick Corea ~ Inner Space
It's You or No One ~ Dana Lauren ~ It's You or No One
Backward Country Boy Blues ~ Terri Lynn Carrington ~ Money Jungle
Lost ~ Wayne Shorter ~ The Soothsayer
Infant Eyes ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Speak No Evil
Water Babies ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Super Nova
The Sirens ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens

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Tough Tenors

These cats all play a tough tenor sax in my book. Starting with Chris Potter, and a couple of tracks from a new CD, The Sirens. Joe Lovano is next up with his latest effort from the Us Five band. We also hear from Jerry Bergonzi letting loose on his latest album. Jared Sims may not be as well know as the previous players, but he can be just as tough playing tenor with this piano-less quartet The New Stablemates. Last but not least we settle things down with Noah Preminger, playing his deep, strong tone on this beautiful ballad.

Featured Album

The Sirens - Chris Potter on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Wine Dark Sea ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens
Wayfinder ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens
Golden Horn ~ Joe Lovano ~ Cross Culture
Wibble Wobble ~ Jerry Bergonzi ~ Shifting Gears
Delcan's Tune ~ Sims, Bloom, Zinno, Langone ~ The New Stablemates
Irene ~ Sims, Bloom, Zinno, Langone ~ The New Stablemates
Until the Real Thing Comes Along ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain

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