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The gem of this podcast is at the end; Pegasus, a 23 minute composition with wind ensemble from Wayne Shorter's newly released Without A Net. The Podcast starts with the 3 Cohens doing their version of the classic Tiger Rag. For something completely different, we go to Rudresh Mahanthappa's Gamak including a way out raga. U Mass educator Jeff Holmes has a great new CD with a track included here. Next up is a taste of a wonderful project from Russ Kaplan telling the tale of The Odyssey. More Indo/Jazz fusion from Rez Abassi before we finish with the Shorter masterpiece.

Featured Album

Without a Net - Wayne Shorter on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Tiger Rag ~ 3 Cohens ~ Family
Stay I ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Abohgi ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Of One's Own ~ Jeff Holmes ~ Of One's Own
Pigz in Space ~ Russ Kaplan +7 ~ The Ulysees Cycle (pre-release)
Prognostication ~ Russ Kaplan +7 ~ The Ulysees Cycle (pre-release)
The Cure ~ Rez Abbasi Trio ~ Coninuous Beat
Pegasus ~ Wayne Shorter Quartet ~ Without a Net

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