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Tough Tenors

These cats all play a tough tenor sax in my book. Starting with Chris Potter, and a couple of tracks from a new CD, The Sirens. Joe Lovano is next up with his latest effort from the Us Five band. We also hear from Jerry Bergonzi letting loose on his latest album. Jared Sims may not be as well know as the previous players, but he can be just as tough playing tenor with this piano-less quartet The New Stablemates. Last but not least we settle things down with Noah Preminger, playing his deep, strong tone on this beautiful ballad.

Featured Album

The Sirens - Chris Potter on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Wine Dark Sea ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens
Wayfinder ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens
Golden Horn ~ Joe Lovano ~ Cross Culture
Wibble Wobble ~ Jerry Bergonzi ~ Shifting Gears
Delcan's Tune ~ Sims, Bloom, Zinno, Langone ~ The New Stablemates
Irene ~ Sims, Bloom, Zinno, Langone ~ The New Stablemates
Until the Real Thing Comes Along ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain

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