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Coltrane Birthday Tribute

John Coltrane's influence on jazz cannot be overstated. He freed the music from its traditional forms and injected a new (and at times controversial) improvisational approach to the music. His intensity and dedication to moving jazz forward to a new level of the art form is unmatched. Nearly every sax player (and jazz musician in general) will tell you that John Coltrane has had a profound influence on their playing. His birthday was September 23, 1926. We start with about 40 minutes of uninterrupted Coltrane followed by music from Kenny Garrett, Pharaoh Sanders and Robert Glasper.

Featured Album

Afro Blue Impressions on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
My Favorite Things ~ John Coltrane ~ My Favorite Things My
Acknowledgement ~ John Coltrane ~ A Love Supreme A
Impressions ~ John Coltrane ~ Afro Blue Impressions Live Afro
Dear Lord ~ John Coltrane ~ Transitions Transition
Lonnie's Lament ~ Kenny Garrett ~ Pursuance: the Music of Coltrane Pursuance:
Crescent ~ Pharoah Sanders ~ Crescent With Love on amazon.com
Wayne's Thang ~ Kenny Garrett ~ Sketches of MD Sketches
Open Mind ~ Robert Glasper ~ Double-Booked Double

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A freeform show

A freeform show with no real theme this week. As I look over the playlist I see some great tenor sax players represented with Chris Potter, Joshua Redman, Abraham Burton and Myron Walden. We also have a couple of fine vocalists with Taeko and Lori Carsillo gracing this weeks show. Taeko will be appearing in Hartford this coming Friday at the Masala restaurant for a CD release party.

Featured Album

Taeko - Voice at CDbaby

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Yes, I'm Country (And that's OK) ~ Robert Glasper ~ Double-Booked Double
O ~ Tarbaby ~ Tarbaby
Nudnik ~ Chris Potter ~ Underground Underground
Insomnomaniac ~ Joshua Redman ~ Compass Compass
Dad ~ Abraham Burton-Eric McPherson ~ Cause and Effect Cause
Some Cats Know ~ Lori Carsillo ~ bittersweet
Infant Eyes ~ Taeko ~ Voice
Big Kids ~ Corey Christiansen Quartet ~ Outlaw Tractor Outlaw
Peace Pipe ~ Ben Allison ~ Think Free Think
Double Dippin' ~ Myron Walden ~ Countryfied Myron
The Radio Tower Has a Beating Heart ~ The Bad Plus ~ Never Stop Never

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Nine Eleven

We start out this week's podcast with a 9/11 memorial. My selections of Christian Scott, McCoy Tyner and Dana LeonG all evoke the feelings and memories of the attacks that occurred 9 years ago today. The last part of the show features our in-studio guest and talented vocalist Karen Frisk. She will be appearing at Szechuan-Tokyo on Friday September 17 with a great trio, Kent Hewitt on piano, Phil Bowler bass, and Bernard "Pretty" Purdie on drums. Along with Karen, we feature tracks from Kent and Bernard Purdie. Find out more about Karen Frisk at her website.

Featured Album

Leaving New York on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Angola, LA & The 13th Amendment ~ Christian Scott ~ Yesterday You Said Tomorrow Yesterday
Search For Peace ~ McCoy Tyner ~ The Real McCoy The
Poem Featuring MC Baba Israel ~ Dana Leong Quintet ~ Leaving New York Leaving
Mother Nature Suite Pt 1. ~ Dana Leong Quintet ~ Leaving New York Leaving
Residencial Llorens Torres ~ Miguel Zenon ~ Esta Plena Esta
Fifth House ~ Pat Bianchi ~ Back Home Back
Little Boat ~ Karen Frisk ~ How Little We Know
Softly As a Morning Sunrise/Alone Together ~ Karen Frisk ~ How Little We Know
Time On My Hands ~ Ken Hewitt ~ Time on My Hands Time
The Okiedokie ~ Masters Of Groove ~ Masters of Groove

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15 Albums

Going around on Facebook is an interesting "game" called 15 Albums. You make a list of albums that have "stuck in your mind". Place it in your notes on Facebook and tag 15 friends. Sure enough, I was tagged and proceeded to make my list. I got lots of comments, and others made lists. The game is still spreading, so check me out on Facebook. Friend me and let me see your list too. You can find my 15 Albums list here: http://bit.ly/9AzlJK

Featured Album

Pat Metheny Group on amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Phase Dance ~ Pat Metheny ~ Pat Metheny Group Pat
Rainy Day, Dream Away ~ Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Electric Ladyland Electric
Up From the Skies ~ Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Axis: Bold as Love Axis:
In a Silent Way/Shhh/Peaceful ~ Miles Davis ~ In A Silent Way In
Giant Steps ~ John Coltrane ~ Giant Steps Giant
Law Years ~ Ornette Coleman ~ Science Fiction The
Boogie Stop Shuffle ~ Charles Mingus ~ Ah Um Mingus

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