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Going around on Facebook is an interesting "game" called 15 Albums. You make a list of albums that have "stuck in your mind". Place it in your notes on Facebook and tag 15 friends. Sure enough, I was tagged and proceeded to make my list. I got lots of comments, and others made lists. The game is still spreading, so check me out on Facebook. Friend me and let me see your list too. You can find my 15 Albums list here: http://bit.ly/9AzlJK

Featured Album

Pat Metheny Group on amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Phase Dance ~ Pat Metheny ~ Pat Metheny Group Pat
Rainy Day, Dream Away ~ Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Electric Ladyland Electric
Up From the Skies ~ Jimi Hendrix Experience ~ Axis: Bold as Love Axis:
In a Silent Way/Shhh/Peaceful ~ Miles Davis ~ In A Silent Way In
Giant Steps ~ John Coltrane ~ Giant Steps Giant
Law Years ~ Ornette Coleman ~ Science Fiction The
Boogie Stop Shuffle ~ Charles Mingus ~ Ah Um Mingus

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