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John Coltrane's influence on jazz cannot be overstated. He freed the music from its traditional forms and injected a new (and at times controversial) improvisational approach to the music. His intensity and dedication to moving jazz forward to a new level of the art form is unmatched. Nearly every sax player (and jazz musician in general) will tell you that John Coltrane has had a profound influence on their playing. His birthday was September 23, 1926. We start with about 40 minutes of uninterrupted Coltrane followed by music from Kenny Garrett, Pharaoh Sanders and Robert Glasper.

Featured Album

Afro Blue Impressions on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
My Favorite Things ~ John Coltrane ~ My Favorite Things My
Acknowledgement ~ John Coltrane ~ A Love Supreme A
Impressions ~ John Coltrane ~ Afro Blue Impressions Live Afro
Dear Lord ~ John Coltrane ~ Transitions Transition
Lonnie's Lament ~ Kenny Garrett ~ Pursuance: the Music of Coltrane Pursuance:
Crescent ~ Pharoah Sanders ~ Crescent With Love on amazon.com
Wayne's Thang ~ Kenny Garrett ~ Sketches of MD Sketches
Open Mind ~ Robert Glasper ~ Double-Booked Double

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