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It was Wayne Shorter's 80th birthday this week, and to celebrate, we feature his music. This selection celebrates the diverse sound of Shorter's compositions, from hard bop, Brazilian influences, electronic fusion, to free jazz. We round out the show with music from Trane, McLean, Preminger and Burton.

Featured Artist - Wayne Shorter

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Night Dreamer ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Night Dreamer
Footprints ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Adam's Apple
Miracle of the Fishes ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Native Dancer
Elegant People ~ Weather Report ~ Black Market
Plaza Real ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Without a Net
Afro Blue ~ John Coltrane ~ Riverside 60 Anniversary Sampler
Climax ~ Jackie McLean ~ Jacknife
Morgantown ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Jackalope ~ Gary Burton ~ Guided Tour

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