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Walk in the Woods

Most of tonight's show was inspired by an autumn walk through the woods in New England. Its a beautiful time of year, and my iPod's shuffle feature presented me with a great soundtrack during our walk. So take this podcast with you on a walk through the woods of your own, before the harshness of winter sets in. We start this podcast with features from artists that we have seen this past week; Donald Harrison, The Curtis Brothers and Joe Lovano. I particularly love the beautiful ballad, First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Cyrus Chestnut in this weeks set.

Featured Album

The Survivor from amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Nouveau Swing ~ Donald Harrison ~ Survivor The
Oriental Folk Song ~ Donald Harrison ~ Survivor The
Yubo Citrico ~ Curtis Brothers Quartet ~ Blood * Spirit * Land * Water * Freedom Blood
Us Five ~ Joe Lovano ~ Folk Art Folk
Autumn Leaves ~ Johnny Griffin ~ Return of the Griffin
Shine ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Blending Times Blending
Calypso ~ Kenny Barron ~ The Traveler The
Jenacide ~ Christian Scott ~ Yesterday You Said Tomorrow Yesterday
Who Knows ~ Steve Lacy ~ Evidence Evidence
The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face ~ Cyrus Chestnut ~ Genuine Chestnut Genuine
Dry Cleaner From Des Moines ~ Joni Mitchell ~ Mingus Mingus

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