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VLM and Deva

This extended In The Groove podcast features Frank Varela and the VLM Project. Frank, Ricky Marshall and Deva Varela are in our studio to talk about the newly released CD Grandma's Revenge. We also revisit the CD So Real featuring Deva on vocals, flute and harmonica. Ricky speaks about his older brother, the late great west coast drummer Eddie Marshall, and we pay tribute with some of his compositions and recordings. Also on this podcast are other influences of Frank's; Wes Montgomery and George Benson.

Featured Album

Frank Varela on CDBaby

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Abangoma ~ Hugh Masakela ~ Hope Hope - Hugh Masekela
Ganja Groove ~ Frank Varela ~ Grandma's Revenge
Giant Steps ~ Frank Varela ~ Grandma's Revenge
I Love You More Than You'll Ever Know ~ VLM Project ~ Unreleased
Grandma's Revenge ~ Frank Varela ~ Grandma's Revenge
West Coast Blues ~ Frank and Deva Varela ~ So Real
Memphis Underground ~ Frank and Deva Varela ~ So Real
Holy Mischief ~ Eddie Marshall ~ Holy Mischief
Knucklebean ~ Bobby Hutcherson ~ Knucklebean
Twisted Blues ~ Wes Montgomery ~ Cottentail Cottontail - Wes Montgomery
My Latin Brother ~ George Benson ~ Bad Benson Bad Benson - George Benson
Off the Top ~ Jimmy Smith ~ Off the Top Off the Top - Jimmy Smith
Casey's Blues ~ Deva and Frank Varela ~ So Real

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