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Unity is the featured album on this weeks podcast. Larry Young took the Hammond B3 organ sound and brought it to another level from the conventional R&B style attributed to Jimmy Smith. Larry Young's sound is more of a reflection of the freedom that was emerging during the 60's with Coltrane's influence on jazz music. Also featured in this show is the tenor sax playing of Jimmy Greene.

Featured Album

Unity on amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Beyond All Limits * Larry Young * Unity Unity
Monks Dream * Larry Young * Unity Unity
Keep it Simple * Ralph Peterson * Reclamation Project
Anthem of Hope * Jimmy Greene * The Overcomer's Suite The
Love In Action * Jimmy Greene * Mission Statement Mission
Justice * Noah Baerman * Soul Force Soul
A Whole New You * Joel Frahm * We Used to Dance We
Le Barron * Mike Melito * In the Tradition
Anagram * Michael Brecker * Pilgrimage Pilgrimage

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This show features Pat Metheny as a prelude to a live show at University of Connecticut that commenced following this broadcast. We start with a track from the original Pat Metheny Group from 1978 followed by a later iteration of the group 20 years later, and then from his latest group the Unity Band. We also hear from the band's saxophonist Chris Potter and his group Underground. Weather Report and Michael Brecker are included in the show, as well as newcomers Hammer Klavier Trio, Frank Varela and Kris Allen.

Featured Album

Unity Band - Pat Metheny on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Phase Dance ~ Pat Metheny Group ~ Pat Metheny Group Unity Band - Pat Metheny
To the End of the World ~ Pat Metheny ~ We Live Here We Live Here - Pat Metheny Group
Come and See Me ~ Pat Metheny ~ Unity Band Unity Band - Pat Metheny
Underground ~ Chris Potter ~ Underground Underground - Chris Potter
Punk Jazz ~ Weather Report ~ Mr. Gone Mr. Gone - Weather Report
Renaissance ~ Michael Brecker ~ Time is of the Essence Time Is of the Essence - Michael Brecker
Hysterio ~ Hammer Klavier Trio ~ Rocket in Your Pocket (pre-release)
Tekia ~ Hammer Klavier Trio ~ Rocket in Your Pocket (pre-release)
Hopewell ~ Kris Allen ~ Circle House
Upstream ~ Grandma's Revenge ~ Frank Varela

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