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We feature the Tom Harrell Quintet for the first set of tunes, with tracks from his new CD, Prana Dance. That is followed by a couple of tracks from fellow band members Wayne Escoffery and Danny Grissett CD's. I put out a call over the Facebook and Twitter for requests and got plenty of responses. Did my best to fulfill those. Check the sidebar of this website, and you'll find links to my social networking sites. Sign up and keep in touch. If you haven't already, subscribe to this podcast via iTunes and have the latest episode downloaded to your computer every week.

Playlist Track * Artist * Album Prana * Tom Harrell * Prana Dance Sequenza * Tom Harrell * Prana Dance The Sake of It * Wayne Escoffery * Hopes and Dreams Hopscotch * Danny Grissett * Encounters Oleo * Tete Montoliu * The Music I Like To Play - Vol.2 Well, You Needn't * The Tete Montoliu Trio * Tete Montoliu Trio Pass It On * Dave Holland * Pass It On Black Nile * Wayne Shorter * Night Dreamer SOS * Dapp Theory * Layers of Chance If You Count It * Dapp Theory * Layers of Chance Fables of Faubus * Charles Mingus * Mingus Ah Um

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