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Today’s Jazz

This show features some of today's most talented jazz artists. I wanted to feature John Funkhouser and Ben Allison as they have performed in the area just this weekend. Listen to Dan Arcamone's originality and modern sound on guitar. I particularly dig the fine saxophone work and compositions from artists like Ravi Coltrane, Noah Preminger, JD Allen and Rudresh Mahanthappa who are broadening the boundaries of the jazz idiom. All of this music represents the various facets of jazz as it is being performed today and into the future.

Featured Album

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Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Fugue In A Minor ~ John Funkhouser Trio ~ Time Time - John Funkhouser Trio
Emancipation ~ John Funkhouser Trio ~ Time Time - John Funkhouser Trio
Peace Pipe ~ Ben Allison ~ Think Free Think Free - Ben Allison
Tides ~ Dan Arcamone ~ In Motion In Motion - Dan Arcamone
Shine ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Blending Times Blending Times - Ravi Coltrane
Today is Okay ~ Noah Preminger ~ Dry Bridge Road Dry Bridge Road - Noah Preminger
K ~ Noah Preminger ~ Before the Rain
Marco Polo ~ JD Allen ~ Shine! Shine! - JD Allen Trio
Sap ~ Ken Fowser, Behn Gillece ~ Little Echo Little Echo - Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece
Eastern Echoes ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green ~ Apex Apex - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green

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