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Kenny Dorham, Joe Henderson and a special tribute to Jackie McLean make up this podcast. Can it get any better that? OK, we can throw in some Dexter Gordon and early Miles Davis too.

Featured Album
Jackie McLean Featuring Dexter Gordon, The Meeting.
Aritist ~ Album ~ Track
Kenny Dorham ~ Straight Ahead ~ Una Mas
Kenny Dorham ~ Trompeta Toccatta ~ Trompeta Toccatta
Joe Henderson ~ Relaxin' At Camarillo ~ Relaxin' At Camarillo
Jackie McLean ~ Sweet Love of Mine ~ Demon's Dance
Jackie McLean ~ Appointment in Ghana ~ Jackie's Bag
Jackie McLean ~ The Explorers ~ Rhythm of the Earth
Jackie McLean ~ Climax ~ Jacknife
Jackie McLean/Dexter Gordon ~ Rue De La Harpe ~ The Meeting
Miles Davis ~ Dig ~ Dig

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