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Jazz is alive and kicking with new music from Trumpeters Terrell Stafford, Tom Harrell and Saxophonist Anat Cohen and organist Joey Defrancesco. A new super trio album from Stanley Clark (b), Berreli Lagrene (g) and Jean-Luc Ponty (v) is also heard here.

Featured Album
Tom Harrell First Impressions

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Petty Larceny ~ Terrell Stafford ~ Brotherlee Love
Candy ~ Terrell Stafford ~ Brotherlee Love
Sainte ~ Tom Harrell ~ First Impressions
Voices ~ Tom Harrell ~ First Impressions
Happy Song ~ Anat Cohen ~ Luminosa
The Wein Machine ~ Anat Cohen ~ Luminosa
Blue Train ~ Clark, Lagrene, Ponty ~ D-Strings
Paradigm Shift ~ Clark, Lagrene, Ponny ~ D-Strings
Mercy, Mercy, Mercy ~ Clark, Lagrene, Ponty ~ D-Strings
What's the Organ Players Name ~ Joey Defrancesco ~ Trip Mode

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