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This podcast begins with a tribute to the late Shimrit Shoshan. This is a sad and tragic story of a gifted jazz artists who passed away suddenly due to illness at age 29. Shimrit was born and raised in Israel and currently was living in New York City pursuing a career in jazz music. She was a great pianist, composer and arranger. I had the pleasure of seeing her play, both in New York City and Hartford CT. She was a beautiful and extremely talented musician. Her passing is a great loss to the jazz community. We feature two tracks from her debut album, Keep it Movin'. Next I play a track from Linda Oh, another great young lady of jazz from her recent release as a leader, Initial Here. We then feature musicians with their roots in the Hartford area. All of these cats are creating a splash on the jazz scene in NY and around the world. These are names you will be hearing much more of as their jazz careers progress. Keep your eyes and ears open for Craig Hartley (p), Josh Evans (trumpet), and the Curtis Brothers, Zaccai (p) and Luques (b). The podcast concludes with some funk from Weather Report.

Featured Album.

Keep it Movin, Shimrit Shoshan on CD Baby

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Secret Identity ~ Shimrit Shoshan ~ Keep it Movin'
Shwingin' ~ Shimrit Shoshan ~ Keep it Movin'
Ultimate Persona ~ Linda Oh ~ Initial Here Initial Here (feat. Dayna Stephens, Fabian Almazan, Rudy Royston & Jen Shyu) - Linda Oh
Why Not! ~ Craig Hartley ~ Books on Tape Vol 1 Craig Hartley - Books on Tape, Vol. 1 - Craig Hartley
Dial 411 ~ Craig Hartley ~ Books on Tape Vol 1 Craig Hartley - Books on Tape, Vol. 1 - Craig Hartley
Chronic Mistakes ~ Josh Evans ~ Portrait Portrait - Josh Evans
The Wrath ~ Curtis Brothers ~ Completion of Proof Completion of Proof - The Curtis Brothers
125th Street Congress ~ Weather Report ~ Sweetnighter Sweetnighter - Weather Report

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