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Shadow Dance

While this week's show covers a lot of great music by new and perhaps lesser known jazz artists, the jewel of the program is Dave Holland's Shadow Dance from his recent release, Pathways. Dave Holland has had a remarkable career as a band leader, composer, arranger, and bass player. He first came to prominence in the US as a member of Miles Davis's band in the 60's. Since leaving Miles and leading bands on his own, he has released many remarkable recordings, and Pathways is among the best I have heard. I had the honor of interviewing Dave a couple of years ago in Tanglewood, MA. An edited video of our discussion is here:

Also in this podcast are samplings from new CD's by Rudresh Mahanthappa, Ralph Peterson Jr., Albert Rivera, JD Allen and much more.

Featured Album

Pathways on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Chronic Mistakes ~ Winard Harper ~ Make It Happen
East Boogie (Kolby's Theme) ~ JD Allen ~ Shine! Shine! - JD Allen Trio
After All ~ Christian Scott ~ Yesterday You Said Tomorrow Yesterday You Said Tomorrow - Christian Scott
Keeping a Balance ~ Albert Rivera ~ Inner Peace Inner Peace - Albert Rivera
Zoltan ~ Ralph Peterson Jr. ~ Outer Reaches Outer Reaches - Ralph Peterson's Unity Project
Soft ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Apex Apex - Rudresh Mahanthappa & Bunky Green
Shadow Dance ~ Dave Holland Octet ~ Pathways Pathways - Dave Holland Octet
Follow Your Heart ~ Joe Farrell ~ Joe Farrell Quartet

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