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Protest Day

This podcast focuses on the dreams and vision of Martin Luther King, the historic legacy of Barack Obama and the protests of today's Women's Day March. We as a people will not stand for the tearing down of the ideals and values represented by King, Obama and the Women's March protesters.  Bob Dylan, Noah Preminger, Gil Scott Herron, Noah Baerman, Gregory Porter, Norah Jones and Sonny Rollins whos work is represented here have used their words and music to express themes of equality, justice and freedom.

Noah Preminger - Meditations on Freedom

Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Bob Dylan ~ Only a Pawn In Their Game ~ The Times They Are A-Changin'
Noah Preminger ~ Only a Pawn In Their Game ~ Meditations on Freedom
Noah Baerman ~ This Little Light of Mine ~ Soul Force
Noah Baerman ~ Washington 1963 ~ Soul Force
Robert Glasper ~ Enoch's (innaugural) Meditations ~ WBGO the Studio Session
E.J. Strickland ~ A Dance for Mojo's Return ~ The Undying Spirit
Gregory Porter ~ 1960 What? ~ Water
Gil Scott-Heron ~ Winter in America ~ Midnight Band: The First Minute of a New Day
Gil Scott-Heron ~ The Revolution Will Not Be Televised ~ Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz and the Art of Protest
Oliver Nelson Orchestra ~ Martin Was a Man, a Real Man ~ Liberation Music: Spiritual Jazz and the Art of Protest
Noah Preminger ~ Women's March ~ Meditations on Freedom
Jane Ira Bloom ~ Gateway to Progress ~ Early Americans
Norah Jones ~ My Dear Country ~ Not Too Late
Sonny Rollins/Barack Obama ~ Obama Freedom Suite ~ n/a

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