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On this Thanksgiving weekend we feast on some great new jazz that has come through the Hartford area recently for us to savor. Sharel Cassity came with her quintet a couple of weeks ago and showed us her amazing talents on alto and soprano sax. Albert Rivera came to town for a pre-thanksgiving show that blew us all away. Here is a taste of what we got from Albert that evening:

Next up is Tarbaby the hot new group led by Eric Revis and Nasheet Waits representing a new wave of free jazz. From that point on we rock out with some fusion from Wayne Krantz and Mike Stern. Finally we close out this week's podcast with an epic recording from the 70's from Yes.

Featured Album

Relentless on amazon.com or Relentless - Sharel Cassity

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Say What? ~ Sharel Cassity ~ Relentless Relentless - Sharel Cassity
Song of Those Who Seek ~ Sharel Cassity ~ Relentless Relentless - Sharel Cassity
Exalibur ~ Albert Rivera ~ Inner Peace Inner Peace - Albert Rivera
The New York Hartford Connection ~ Albert Rivera ~ Re-Introduction Re-Introduction - Albert Rivera
Heads ~ Tarbaby ~ The End of Fear The End Of Fear - Tarbaby
November '80 ~ Tarbaby ~ The End of Fear The End Of Fear - Tarbaby
Its No Fun Not To Like Pop ~ Wayne Krantz ~ Krantz Carlock Lefebrvre Krantz Carlock Lefebvre - Wayne Krantz, Keith Carlock & Tim Lefebvre
Tumble Home ~ Mike Stern ~ Who Let The Cats Outs Who Let the Cats Out? - Mike Stern
All Heart ~ Mike Stern ~ Play Play - Mike Stern
Close to the Edge ~ Yes ~ Close to the Edge Close to the Edge (Bonus Track Version) [Remastered] - Yes

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