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Pops Day 2010

On this Fathers day, we feature a new album by John McLaughlin. Its always a treat to get in a new release by one of the Founding Fathers of Fusion. This release is titled "To the One" and is inspired by the work of John Coltrane. Although you can't really point to any of the compostions as feeling similar to Coltrane's classics, McLaughlins soloing always had that "Sheets of Sound" feeling that Trane was noted for. Other notable recordings in this podcast are a Fathers day set with Jimmy Greene and Victor Wooten (doing Horace Silvers "Song for My Father), and a Mingus set. Happy Fathers day to all you jazz lovin' Pops.

Featured Album

To The One on Amazon.com or To

Track * Artist * Album
Recovery * John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension * To the One To
Get Down and Sruti * Shakti * Natural Elements Natural
To The One * John McLaughlin & the 4th Dimension * To the One To
Now! * Noah Baerman * Bliss Bliss
Upp a himins blaum boga * Sunna Gunnlaugs * Songs from Iceland Songs
Fathers and Sons * Jimmy Greene * Mission Statement Mission
Song for my Father * Victor Wooten * Palmystery Palmystery
Pithencantropus Erectus * Charles Mingus * Pithencantropus Erectus Pithecanthropus
Bird Calls * Charles Mingus * Ah Um AH
Things Aint What They Used To Be * Mingus Dynasty * Ah Um Legacy Edition AH

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