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This show was inspired by a recent performance by Playdate in New Haven, CT. We will start off the program with a tune from their debut album, then hear from band members Noah Baerman and Wayne Escoffery leading their own groups. From there, we'll go off in some very different directions. We will rock out with Mike Stern, be serenaded on tenor by Jimmy Greene, transported to the far east by Rudresh and be sung to by vocalist Dana Lauren.
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Track * Artist * Album
Yes, yes, oh Yes! * Playdate * Playdate Playdate - Playdate
Atam Bomb * Noah Baerman * Bliss Noah Baerman Trio - Bliss
Gulf of Aqaba * Wayne Escoffery * Uptown Wayne Escoffery - Uptown
Moroccan Roll * Mike Stern * Big Neighborhood MIKE STERN - Big Neighborhood
Yeah, You Right! * Jimmy Greene * Mission Statement Jimmy Greene - Mission Statement
Apti * Rudresh Mahanthappa' Indo-pak Coalition * Apti Dan Weiss, Rudresh Mahanthappa & Rez Abassi - Apti
It's You or No One * Dana Lauren *It's You or No One
Homeward * Rene Rosnes * For the Moment on amazon.com

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