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Part 2 with Monk

This podcast is the second hour of my radio show from last week, but it is a good one. We start out with the one and only Trane from a fine album, Coltrane's Sound. We then take it beyond with George Schuller and Ed Palermo. Following that is a set featuring some great Monk composition's as interpreted by others, than Monk and Trane. We settle things down nicely with some Evan's like piano trio music by a great artist, Robert Glasper.

Playlist Track * Artist * Album 26-2 * John Coltrane * Coltrane's Sound Common Mama * George Schuller's Circle Wide * Like Before, Somewhat After Don't You Ever Wash That Thing? * Ed Palermo Big Band * Eddy Loves Frank Bemsha Swing * Esbjorn Svensson Trio * Plays Monk Evidence * Bobby Broom * Plays for Monk Nutty * Thelonious Monk Quartet With John Coltrane * At Carnegie Hall Monk Walks * Dapp Theory * Layers of Chance Blue Skies * Robert Glasper Trio * Mood

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