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NYC Progressive

This podcast features progressive jazz coming from some great New York City based artists. We kick things off with an explosive hit from Orrin Evan's Captain Black Big Band. From there, we settle into the adventurous sounds of Noah Preminger complete with an interview about his new Palmetto release, Haymaker. Noah is also a contributor to the Rob Garcia 4 and Rob Duguay's Songevity bands featured here. JD Allen and Gerald Clayton are represented with their latest releases furthering the progressive NYC jazz scene.

Featured Album

Haymaker - Noah Preminger on iTunes™

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Art of War ~ Orrin Evans ~ Captain Black Big Band
Haymaker ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Tomorrow ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Blues for Steve Lacy ~ Noah Preminger ~ Dry Bridge Road
Will ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Drop and the Ocean
Humility ~ Rob Garcia 4 ~ The Drop and the Ocean
Catch You Cats ~ Rob Duguay - Songevity ~ See Dream Blues
Luke Sky Walker ~ JD Allen ~ Grace
Detroit ~ JD Allen ~ Grace
Future Reflection ~ Gerald Clayton ~ Life Forum
Some Always ~ Gerald Clayton ~ Life Forum

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