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NYC Jazz

There is nothing I enjoy more than hearing live jazz music. This show re-lives some of the great music I heard last week in NYC Jazz clubs and on stage at U of CT. From our NYC adventure, we heard the Ravi Coltrane Quartet and the Jimmy Greene Quartet. At UCONN, Earl MacDonald and his Creative Opportunity Workshop. We also hear from the musicians that accompanied these artists such as Dezron Douglas, Johnathan Blake, Renee Rosnes (The Drummonds) and John Pattitucci.

Featured Album

Blending Times - Ravi Coltrane on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
For Turiya ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Blending Times
Check out Time ~ Ravi Coltrane ~ Spirit Fiction
Clues ~ Johnathan Blake ~ Eleventh Hour  
Power of One ~ Dezron Douglas ~ Live at Smalls
Trials ~ Jimmy Greene ~ Mission Statement
Ana Grace ~ Jimmy Greene ~ Mission Statement
Golden Earring ~ The Drummonds ~ Pas De Trois
Agitato ~ John Pattitucci ~ Line by Line
Bottom Feeders ~ Earl MacDonald ~ Mirror of the Mind
Mirror of the Mind ~ Earl MacDonald ~ Mirror of the Mind

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