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New Fuse part 2

This podcast is a continuation of last week's New Fusion feature. Vocalist Nicole Zuraitis opens the podcast followed by new music from Antonio Sanchez. You may not have heard the LeBoef Brothers or Russ Kaplan before, but they are both talented artists exploring new directions in music. Rez Abbasi and Rudresh Mahanthappa fuse a Middle Eastern sound with jazz sensibilities. Finaly Chris Potter and Ben Allison are represented, stretching this music in their own unique voices.

Featured Album


Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Dagger ~ Nicole Zuraitis ~ Pariah Anthem 
Medusa ~ Antonio Sanchez ~ New Life
D2D ~ LeBoeuf Brothers ~ In Praise of Shadows
Pigz in Space ~ Russ Kaplan +7 ~ The Ulysses Cycle
Divided Attention ~ Rez Abbasi Trio ~ Continuous Beat
Ballad for Troubled Times ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
Wayfinder ~ Chris Potter ~ The Sirens
Little Things Run the World ~ Ben Allison ~ Little Things Run the World

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