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This podcast kicks off with some modern clarinet work by Oran Etkin and later in the show from Anat Cohen. In the middle is a new album by Greg Abate with the late Phil Woods in one of his last recordings. A vocal set follows with Luciana Souza, Cyrille Aimee, and Norah Jones (with new Charles Lloyd). Some fusion to finish the podcast with two Frank's - Varella and Zappa.

Featured album

What's New? Reimagining Benny Goodman - Oran Etkin on iTunes

Artist ~ Album ~ Track
Oran Etkin ~ Be Good Lady ~ What's New? Reimagining Benny Goodman 
Greg Abate + Phil Woods ~ Strollin' ~ Kindred Spirits 
Greg Abate + Phil Woods ~ Yardbird Suite ~ Kindred Spirits
Luciana Souza ~ At The Fair ~ Speaking In Tongues 
Cyrille Aimee ~ Live Alone and Like It ~ Let's Get Lost 
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels ~ You Are So Beautiful ~ I Long to See You 
Anat Cohen ~ Lilia ~ Luminosa 
Anat Cohen ~ Bachio (feat. Rumero Lubambo) ~ Luminosa 
Josh Evans ~ Steps ~ Hope and Despair 
Frank Varella ~ Giant Steps ~ Grandma's Revenge 
Frank Zappa ~ Waka Jawaka ~ Waka Jawaka 
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