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For fans of the genre-bending Jazz Fusion, we have some interesting takes on this music. From young guitarists Rale Micic, Tom Guarna and Rez Abassi, to Fusion classic bands, Return To Forever, Weather Report and Mahavishnu Orchestra. This show finishes with a new release from Dave Stryker with some tunes you might have listened to on your eight track.

Featured Album
Dave Stryker, Eight Track II
Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Rale Micic ~ Hotel Insomnia ~ Night Music
Tom Guarna ~ Shambleau ~ Rush
Rez Abbasi & Junction ~ Self-Brewing ~ Behind the Vibration
Return To Forever ~ The Sorceress ~ Romantic Warrior
Tony Williams ~ Allah Be Praised ~ Turn it over
Wayne Shorter ~ Dindi ~ Supernova
Weather Report ~ Medley ~ I Sing the Body Electric
Weather Report ~ 125th Street Congress ~ Sweetnighter
Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ Inner Mounting Flame ~ The Noonward Race
Dave Stryker ~ When Doves Cry ~ eight track II
Dave Stryker ~ Time of the Season ~ eight track II

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