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Once again we run the gamut of jazz styles in this podcast. Of note is Joshua Redman with the funky Elastic Band and collaborating with The Bad Plus. Some organ grooves are laid down in CD's led by Joe Magnarelli and Don Braden. Wayne Shorter's rhythm section of Perez, Pattucci and Blade is one of the great creative forces in jazz. That and much more on this week's In The Groove.

Featured Album
Joe Magnarelli Three on Two

Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Joshua Redman ~ Jazz Crimes ~ Elastic
Joshua Redman & The Bad Plus ~ Dirty Blonde ~ Joshua Redman & The Bad Plus
Atla and Matt Dechamplain ~ Spain ~ Pause
The Cookers ~ Priestess ~ Warriors
Don Braden & Organix Quartet ~ Jive Turkey (West Side) ~ Luminosity
Joe Magnarelli ~ NYC-J-Funk ~ Three on Two
Joe Magnarelli ~ 26-2 ~ Three on Two
Chris Potter ~ Pop Tune #1 ~ Follow The Red Line-Live at Village Vanguard
David Liebman & Expansions ~ Sailing ~ The Puzzle
Perez Patitucci Blade ~ Lumen ~ Children of the Light
Perez Patitucci Blade ~ African Wave ~ Children of the Light

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