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Modern Music

There were a lot of people hanging around from Radiothon at WHUS this week while I was doing this show. One person was listening and was intrigued by the music. He hadn't heard anything like it before and asked me, "What do you call this music?” I hesitated while thinking about how to answer; post-bop, post-modern jazz, fusion? None of these really would have made sense to this person. Finally I said modern jazz. But as I think of it more, and I listen to some of the music, especially the Donny McCaslin set, it doesn't even have that much resemblance to jazz, or rock, or anything else. Just a reference to jazz can give someone the wrong (and possibly a negative) impression. From now on, when I am asked that question I am just going to call it Modern Music.

Featured Album

Perpetual Motion on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Milo Hayward ~ Jeremy Pelt ~ Men of Honor Men of Honor - Jeremy Pelt
Perpetual Motion ~ Donny McCaslin ~ Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion - Donny McCaslin
Firefly ~ Donny McCaslin ~ Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion - Donny McCaslin
Feed the Birds ~ Kurt Rosenwinkel ~ Disney Jazz Vol 1 Disney Jazz: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, Vol. 1 - Various Artists
Hard Stuff ~ Michael Feinberg ~ With Many Hands With Many Hands - Michael Feinberg
Julia ~ Craig Hartley ~ Craig Hartley remixes The Beatles
Night Song ~ Arthur Blyth ~ Focus

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