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Miles Beyond

This is a Miles Davis influenced playlist. We dig Miles great 60's quintet and beyond, as well as those great jazz artists that carried on Miles' creative genius into their own work. That influence is illustrated here by the works of Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Dave Holland.

Featured Album

In A Silent Way on amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Nutville * Horace Silver Quintet * The Cape Verdean Blues Cape
Freedom Jazz Dance * Miles Davis * Smiles Miles
Go * Wayne Shorter * Footprints live! Footprints
Footprints * Wayne Shorter * Footprints live! Footprints
Ostinato * Herbie Hancock * Mwandishi Mwandishi
Shhh/Peaceful * Miles Davis * In A Silent Way In
Four Winds * Dave Holland * Conference of the Birds Conference
Your No Different * Brian Earl Jenkins Band * The Monster Lab Session

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