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A birthday tribute to guitarist John McLauglin and a set of British jazz musicians comprise this weeks show. Mahavishnu Orchestra was my first introduction to jazz, so John McLaughlin's birthday has a special meaning for me. We hear his Mahavishnu and Shakti projects before going back to his English roots. Then we hear from some great jazz artists from across the big pond in Simon Spillett and Gary Reader. We finish the podcast with Greg Abate who frequently tours England as well.

Featured Album

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Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Peace One ~ Mahavishnu John McLaughlin ~ My Goals Beyond
Meeting of the Spirits ~ Mahavishnu Orchestra ~ Inner Mounting Flame
Get Down and Sruti ~ Shakti ~ Natural Elements
Lotus Feet ~ Remember Shakti ~ The Believer
Guitar Love ~ John McLaughlin ~ Now Here This
Extrapolation ~ John McLaughlin ~ Extrapolation
Zub Zub 38 ~ Gary Reader ~ Moja
Delta ~ Gary Reader ~ Moja
Shepherd's Serenade ~ Simon Spillett ~ Square One 
A Night in Tunisia ~ Simon Spillett ~ Square One 
Wong's Way ~ Greg Abate Allen Barnes ~ Birds of a Feather
Rocco's Place ~ Greg Abate Quintet ~ Greg Abate Quintet with Phil Woods

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