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LC Tribute

This week's podcast pays tribute to guitarist extroadinaire, Larry Coryell. While best known for his contribution to jazz rock fusion, Coryell was a master of all styles of guitar playing. This playlist demonstrates his wide ranging abilities in a variety of musical settings. Coryell passed away suddenly last week at age 73. His artistry and virtuosity will be missed. 


Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Larry Coryell ~ The Great Escape ~ Barefoot Boy
Larry Coyell ~ Improvisation on "Bolero" ~ Bolero
Larry Coryell ~ Fantasy in D ~ Cedars of Avalon
Larry Coryell ~ Naima ~ Monk, Trane, Miles & Me
Larry Coryell ~ Bumpin' on Sunset ~ The Power Trio (Live in Chicago)
Larry Coryell ~ Rene's Theme ~ Spaces
Larry Coryell ~ The Dragon's Gate ~ Spaces Revisited
Larry Coryell ~ She's Leaving Home ~ Tricycles
The Eleventh House ~ Birdfingers ~ Introducing the Eleventh House
The Eleventh House ~ Low-Lee-Tah ~ Introducing the Eleventh House
The Eleventh House ~ Right On Y'all ~ Introducing the Eleventh House
Frank Varela ~ Angelina Park ~ Grandma's Revenge

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