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Jazz ‘n Soul

This weeks podcast is a soulful one, but not in the obvious sense of Jimmy Smith or Ray Charles. It starts out with the classic rock group War and a 13+ minute instrumental called City, Country, City. We follow up with some soulful new jazz from Wayne Escoffery and Noah Baerman followed by jazz masters Charles Mingus and Stan Getz.
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Soul Force from amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
City Country City * War * The World is a Ghetto War - The World Is a Ghetto
Nu-Soul * Wayne Escoffery * Uptown Wayne Escoffery - Uptown
Soul Force * Noah Baerman * Soul Force Noah Baerman - Soul Force
Tastes Like Chedda * Noah Baerman * Bliss Noah Baerman Trio - Bliss
Remember the Goldfish * Playdate * Playdate Playdate - Playdate
Things Ain't What They Used To Be * Charles Mingus * Ah Um Charles Mingus & Jazz Groups - Mingus Ah Um - 50th Anniversary
Times Lie * Stan Getz * Captain Marvel on amazon.com

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