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Jazz in the City

Art Blakey kicks things off before reviewing some great new music from musicians we saw this week in my travels to New York and Boston. Art Blakey surely was one of the great inspirations to today's modern jazz artists. Here are some of those creative musicians that you can catch live on the East Coast (US) and touring around the world.

Featured Album
Pariah Anthem - Nicole Zuraitis on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
One By One ~ Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers ~ Ugetsu
Give ~ Julian Shore ~ Filaments
Morgantown ~ Noah Preminger ~ Haymaker
Checkmate ~ Jason Palmer ~ Songbook
To the Hive ~ Nicole Zuraitis ~ Pariah Anthem
Shambleau ~ Tom Guarna ~ Rush
It Don't Mean a Thing ~ Helen Sung ~ Anthem for a New Day
Never Let Me Go ~ Helen Sung ~ Anthem for a New Day
Wake Up ~ Vin Scialla, Eric Schugren, Brian Charette, Mike Dirubbo ~ Wake Up!
Sap ~ Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece ~ Little Echo

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