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Herbie’s Rhodes

The Fender Rhodes is making a big comeback recently. We probably have Herbie Hancock to thank for fusing the Rhodes and electronics into jazz music. On this podcast we explore Herbie’s great Fender Rhodes playing from the early days with Miles to the glory days of Jazz-Rock Fusion.

Featured Album

Sextant - Herbie Hancock on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Watermelon Man ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Headhunters
Tell Me a Bedtime Story ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Fat Albert Rotunda
Actual Proof ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Thrust
Butterfly ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Thrust
Ostinato ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Mwandishi
Hidden Shadows ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Sextant
In A Silent Way ~ Miles Davis ~ Complete IASW Sessions
Times Lie ~ Joe Farrell ~ Moon Germs
Red Clay ~ Freddie Hubbard ~ Red Clay
Water on the Pond ~ Miles Davis ~ Complete Miles Davis Quintet 1965-68

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