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This show explores more great music with a Hartford connection. Albert Rivera doubles up on tenor with Hartford's Jimmy Greene to open the show. Matt DeChamplain is next up showing his incredible chops on solo piano. Maxine Martin plays and sings for us on her heartfelt new CD Fragments and Colors of Me. We hear from her collaborators on their own efforts from Warren Byrd and Sinan Bakir. Finally Kris Allen (alto sax) and Fabio Gouvea (guitar) close out the set.

Featured Album

Maxine Martin on CD Baby

Track ~ Artist ~ Album (w/link to purchase)
The New York-Hartford Connection ~ Albert Rivera ~ Re-Introduction
Minor League ~ Ralph Peterson ~ Alive at Firehouse 12
A Handful of Keys ~ Matt DeChamplain ~ Stride-Bop
Fragments and Colors of Me ~ Maxine Martin ~ Fragments and Colors of Me
Solar ~ Warren Byrd & Saskia Laroo ~ Two of a Kind
Rising Tower of Light ~ Sinan Bakir ~ Tales and Stories
Blood Count ~ Kris Allen ~ Circle House
Desinfeliz ~ Fabilo Gouvea ~ So Close so Far

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