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This is Part 2 of the jazz album releases for 2013. I don't want to call this a Best Of list because even though I listen to a lot of music, there were so many albums that I have not yet heard from last year. That being said, we will hear from bassist and band leader Dezron Douglas, hailing from Hartford, to start this show. Gregory Porter put out his second album, and its a good one. Gary Smulyan is heard playing some Italian classics. Rudresh continues with his fusion sounds. Russ Kaplan weaves the story of Homer's Odyssey, and Lovano put out another with his Us Five group. Wayne Shorter's much anticipated album was released with rave reviews. We play the highlight of that album, an extended piece with a wind ensemble accompanying Shorter's great quartet.

Featured Album

Without a Net - Wayne Shorter on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Bish Bash Bop ~ Dezron Douglas ~ Live at Smalls
No Love Dying ~ Gregory Porter ~ Liquid Spirit
Liquid Spirit ~ Gregory Porter ~ Liquid Spirit
Fenestra Che Lucive ~ Gary Smulyan & Dominic Chianese ~ Bella Napoli
We'll Make More ~ Rudresh Mahanthappa ~ Gamak
It's Not Too Late ~ Russ Kaplan + 7 ~ The Ulysses Cycle
Myths And Legends ~ Joe Lovano ~ Cross Culture
Pegasus ~ Wayne Shorter ~ Without A Net

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