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Get a Groove On

We get our groove on in this weeks show, with some funky stuff from Scofield, Redman, Weather Report and more. I dare you not to tap your feet to this podcast. Besides the aforementioned, Garaj Mahal adds some fancy changes, John McLaughlin cools it down some and Antonio Sanchez rocks it out.

Featured Album

A Go Go - John Scofield

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Hottentot ~ John Scofeild ~ A Go Go
Semos ~ Garaj Mahal ~ Woot
Jazz Crimes ~ Joshua Redman ~ Elastic
125th Street Congress ~ Weather Report ~ Sweetnighter
Guitar Love ~ John McLaughlin & The 4th Dimension ~ Now Here This
Psychosomatic Dung ~ George Duke ~ Faces in Reflections
The Real McDaddy ~ Antonio Sanchez ~ New Life

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