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For Mom

This podcast concludes with a tribute to Mother's Day with a moving composition by Sean Jones for Momma. Before we hear that one, Mirislav Vitous plays a meditative piece from a great album of the '70s. Speaking of that great decade in jazz, Chick Corea, Lenny White and Stanley Clark reunite for the album Forever. Joshua Kwassman's premier album takes me back to that era with his progressive sound. This podcast is in honor of all the Moms, those with us on this Mother's Day, and in memory of those that have passed.

Featured Album

Songs of the Brother Spirit - Joshua Kwassman on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
I Will Tell Him On You ~ Mirislav Vitous ~ Infinite Search
No Mystery ~ Corea, Clarke & White ~ Forever
Armando's Revenge ~ Corea, Clarke & White ~ Forever
Our Land ~ Joshua Kwassman ~ Songs of the Brother Spirit
Momma ~ Sean Jones ~ No Need for Words

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