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This is the first hour of last weeks radio broadcast. It's an eclectic mix of different styles. This is modern jazz music using different instrumentation and creative arrangements. We start out the show with Alice Coltrane's harp, followed by modern electric guitar, tuba, voice, and electronics. It brings to mind how diverse, modern and creative the jazz experience is.
Featured album

Ptah The El Daoud from Amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Blue Nile * Alice Coltrane * Ptah, the El Daoud Alice Coltrane - Ptah the El Daoud
Continuance * Adam Rogers * Apparitions Adam Rogers, Chris Pottter, Edward Simon, Scott Colley & Clarence Penn - Apparitions
Lingala * SFJazz Collective * Sfjazz Collective SFJazz Collective - SF Jazz Collective
My Son Ra * Arthur Blythe * Focus on amazon.com
Found It * Jason Palmer * Songbook Greg Osby & Jason Palmer - Songbook
Principle * Greg Osby * Nine Levels Greg Osby - Nine Levels
Married Life * Dave Douglas * Moonshine Dave Douglas - Moonshine

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