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This show really cooks for Father's Day. Starting with a unique project from tenor player and arranger Travis Sullivan doing his take on Bjork tunes. Cyrus Chestnut has a new one with Hartford's own Dezron Douglas. While we are featuring hometown cats, we play from the Curtis Brother's latest release. The Cookers were in town, and I play two from them. Horace Silver helps celebrate Father's Day with his classic Song For My Father. We finish out this podcast with three cookin' tracks from the late Joe Farrell.

Featured Album

Enjoy! - Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Hyperballad ~ Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra ~ Enjoy Enjoy! - Travis Sullivan's Bjorkestra
What's Happening ~ Cyrus Chestnut ~ The Cyrus Chestnut Quartet
Mass Manipulation ~ The Curtis Brothers ~ Completion of Proof
Croquet Ballet ~ The Cookers ~ Cast the First Stone Cast the First Stone - The Cookers
Peacemaker ~ The Cookers ~ Cast the First Stone Cast the First Stone - The Cookers
Song For My Father ~ Horace Silver ~ Song for My Father Song for My Father (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition Remastered) - Horace Silver
Malibu ~ Sonic Text ~ Joe Farrell Sonic Text (Reissue) - Joe Farrell
Skate Board Park ~ Joe Farrell ~ Skate Board Park
Great Gorge ~ Joe Farrell ~ Moon Germs Moon Germs - Joe Farrell

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