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A wide variety of jazz styles featured in today's podcast episode. Great vocals from Leonard Patton and Nicole Zuraitis and organ trio work from Delvon Lamarr, and new music from trombonist Steve Davis are among this week's highlights. We finish with a piano trio from Chick.

Artist ~ Name ~ Album
Al Di Meola ~ Julia ~ Across the Universe
Peter Sprague & Leonard Patton ~ Can't Find My Way Home ~ Dream Walkin'
Nicole Zuraitis ~ The Way Home ~ Wandering Hearts
Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio ~ Keep On Keepin' On ~ Cold As Weiss
Rippin Chicken, Ben Bloom & Delvon Lamarr Organ Trio ~ Westy  ~ Rippin Chicken
Mike Casey & Blori ~ Breathe In (Remix) ~ Breathe In (Remix) - Single
Steve Davis ~ Encouragement ~ Bluesthetic
Matt Dwonszyk ~ Afterthought ~ A Year and a Day
Darren Litzie ~ Question and Answer ~ My Horizon
Chick Corea Trio ~ Alice In Wonderland ~ Trilogy

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