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Awesome Guitar

Some awesome modern jazz guitar is featured in this podcast. We hear from Kevin Eubanks (Dave Holland), Bill Frisell, Larry Coryell and John McLaughlin (Miroslav Vitous). At the end of the podcast is a new album from Charles Lloyd, featuring more great guitar from Frisell and the new fusion sound of Manuel Valera.

Featured Album
Bill Frisell, All We Are Saying

Artist ~ Track ~ Album
Dave Holland & Prism ~ The Watcher ~ Prism
Bill Frisell ~ Come Together ~ All We Are Saying
Bill Frisell ~ Give Peace a Chance ~ All We Are Saying 
Larry Coryell ~ Gypsy Queen ~ Barefoot Boy
Mirislav Vitous ~ I Will Tell Him on You ~ Infinite Search
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels ~ Masters of War ~ I Long to See You
Charles Lloyd & The Marvels ~ All My Trials ~ I Long to See You
Manuel Valera & Groove Street ~ 121st Street ~ Urban Landscape

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