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All New part 2

Part two of the New Releases podcast kicks off with Lovano and Douglas's Soundprints, followed by drummer extraordinaire EJ Strickland. We then move to a more fusion sound from Marc Cary and Donny McCaslin. Next is a guitar set from Eubanks, Jordan and Lage. We finish the podcast with The Cookers Quintet from Toronto.

Featured Album

Rhodes Ahead, Vol. 2 - Marc Cary on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
To Sail Beyond the Sunset ~ Sound Prints ~ Live at Monterey Jazz Festival
A Dance For Mojo's Return ~ E. J. Strickland Quintet ~ The Undying Spirit
Astral Flight 17 ~ Marc Cary ~ Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2
African Market ~ Marc Cary ~ Rhodes Ahead Vol. 2
Fast Future ~ Donny McCaslin ~ Fast Future
Summertime ~ Kevin Eubanks & Stanley Jordan ~ Duet
Gardens ~ Julian Lage ~ World's Fair
Sheriff ~ The Cookers Quintet ~ Vol. Two

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