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This is one of the more eclectic mixes for an In The Groove podcast. Featured is Steely Dan's Aja album, but the styles run from Straight Ahead (Donald Byrd, Curtis Fuller, Hancock, Mingus) to Fusion (Indian influenced Prasanna, Weather Report). Dig the piano trio from Noah Baerman who will bring his soulful sounds to Titanium in Middletown CT next Friday May 4.

Featured Album

Aja - on iTunes

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Peg ~ Steely Dan ~ Aja Aja - Steely Dan
Ala Mode ~ Curtis Fuller ~ Keep It Simple
Maiden Voyage ~ Herbie Hancock ~ Maiden Voyage Maiden Voyage (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition Remastered) - Herbie Hancock
Atam Bomb ~ Noah Baerman ~ Bliss Bliss - Noah Baerman Trio
Aja ~ Steely Dan ~ Aja Aja - Steely Dan
Mysterious Traveler ~ Weather Report ~ Mysterious Traveler Mysterious Traveller - Weather Report
Uncensored ~ Prasanna ~ Be the Change Be the Change - Prasanna
Boogie Stop Shuffle ~ Charles Mingus ~ Mingus Ah Um Mingus Ah Um - Charles Mingus
I Got the News ~ Steely Dan ~ Aja Aja - Steely Dan
Down Tempo ~ Donald Byrd ~ Off to the Races Off to the Races - Donald Byrd
Home At Last ~ Steely Dan ~ Aja Aja - Steely Dan

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