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We pay tribute to the post hurricane victims from last week and look towards the upcoming elections in this podcast. First a moving rendition of Trane's After the Rain by clarinetist Anat Cohen. We follow that with a mashup I created using Sonny Rollin's Freedom Suite with excerpts from President Obama's inaugural speech from January 2009. While that election was one of historic proportions, this one is just as important for setting the future direction of our nation. Please vote on Tuesday, November 6. It is your civic duty to do so, and it sure feels good to participate in our democracy. The rest of the podcast features some fine playing and composing by Noah Baerman. We finish out this podcast with Mingus' classic Fables of Faubus.

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
After The Rain ~ Anat Cohen ~ Notes from the Village Notes from the Village - Anat Cohen
Obama-Freedom Suite ~ Sonny Rollins-Barack Obama ~ (the original Freedom Suite - Sonny Rollins)
Patch Kit ~ Noah Baerman ~ Bliss Bliss - Noah Baerman Trio
Soul Force ~ Noah Baerman ~ Soul Force Soul Force - Noah Baerman
Fables of Faubus ~ Charles Mingus ~ Mingus Ah Um Mingus Ah Um - Charles Mingus

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  • JP

    Yes, it’s important to vote Obama out of office.

    Nov 5, 2012 at 11:30 am
  • Den NC USA

    The best man won, and the best jazz is always the real people music made larger and more meaningful, not more profitable and controlled. Free jazz, not free business to work the masses for the profits of few. Thanks Ken for your time and effort to make jazz for the masses ring out! Den NC USA

    Nov 16, 2012 at 10:20 pm