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A West Coast Vibe

The first half of the show has a West Coast vibe. On the back end we will get some new releases from Dave Holland, guitarist Andrew Renfro and bassist Dwonszyk's Wonderful World.

Artist ~ Name ~ Album
Christopher Hollyday ~ Dialogue ~ Dialogue
Sam Hirsh ~ Look for the Silver Lining ~ Quite Frankly
Roy Ayers ~ Now's the Time ~ West Coast Vibe
Roy Ayers ~ Days of Wine and Roses ~ West Coast Vibe
Earl "Fatha" Hines ~ Stanley Steamer ~ The Mighty Fatha
Nat King Cole ~ (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66 ~ After Midnight: The Complete Session [Bonus Tracks]
Dave Holland ~ The Village ~ Another Land
Andrew Renfroe ~ Borrowed Time ~ Borrowed Time - Single
Matt Dwonszyk ~ What A Wonderful World ~ Wonderful World

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