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This program features some great young players that are moving this musical art form forward in a fresh new direction. Cats like Josh Evans, Mike DiRubbo, Fowser & Gillece, and the Curtis Brothers to name a few. Veteran artists Jackie McLean and Donald Harrison are known for mentoring many young musicians including those represented here.

Featured Album

Cause And Effect on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Get It! Get It! ~ Winard Harper ~ Make It Happen
For Foster ~ Josh Evans Quintet ~ Untitled
Nightfall ~ Mike DiRubbo ~ Repercussion Repercussion
Melody for Melonae ~ Jackie McLean ~ Let Freedom Ring Let
Forbidden Fruit ~ Abraham Burton/Eric McPherson ~ Cause and Effect Cause
Sap ~ Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece ~ Little Echo Little
Maria Cervantes ~ Curtis Brothers Quartet ~ Blood - Spirit - Land -Water - Freedom Little
Twerk It ~ Donald Harrison ~ The Survivor The

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  • Nik Edgerton

    The kids are alright. Great to see Donald Harrison here. His version of Miles Davis’ “So What” is still to me, the most inspired I’ve heard.

    Oct 11, 2010 at 12:04 am