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Modern Music

There were a lot of people hanging around from Radiothon at WHUS this week while I was doing this show. One person was listening and was intrigued by the music. He hadn't heard anything like it before and asked me, "What do you call this music?” I hesitated while thinking about how to answer; post-bop, post-modern jazz, fusion? None of these really would have made sense to this person. Finally I said modern jazz. But as I think of it more, and I listen to some of the music, especially the Donny McCaslin set, it doesn't even have that much resemblance to jazz, or rock, or anything else. Just a reference to jazz can give someone the wrong (and possibly a negative) impression. From now on, when I am asked that question I am just going to call it Modern Music.

Featured Album

Perpetual Motion on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Milo Hayward ~ Jeremy Pelt ~ Men of Honor Men of Honor - Jeremy Pelt
Perpetual Motion ~ Donny McCaslin ~ Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion - Donny McCaslin
Firefly ~ Donny McCaslin ~ Perpetual Motion Perpetual Motion - Donny McCaslin
Feed the Birds ~ Kurt Rosenwinkel ~ Disney Jazz Vol 1 Disney Jazz: Everybody Wants to Be a Cat, Vol. 1 - Various Artists
Hard Stuff ~ Michael Feinberg ~ With Many Hands With Many Hands - Michael Feinberg
Julia ~ Craig Hartley ~ Craig Hartley remixes The Beatles
Night Song ~ Arthur Blyth ~ Focus

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Radiothon 2011


This year's radiothon is now over. Thanks to all of you who contributed. Your support is sincerely appreciated. This program was one of the top fundraisers at WHUS.

While WHUS radiothon is complete, any further donations are welcome and will help defray the growing costs involved with publishing this podcast each and every week as I have done for the past five years. Thank you all.

This is a reprise of a show, recorded back in February 2009. The majority of the playlist comes from talented young musicians/composers that are having an impact on the future of jazz music. Hope you enjoy the tunes.

Featured Artist

Men Of Honor on amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
Back Road * Jeremy Pelt * Men of Honor Jeremy Pelt - Men of Honor
Fugue * John Funkhauser Trio * Time John Funkhouser Trio - Time
When Seaguls Fly * Noah Preminger * Dry Bridge Road Noah Preminger - Dry Bridge Road
All Matter * Robert Glasper * Double Booked Robert Glasper Experiment - Double Booked
Think of One * Robert Glasper * Double Booked Robert Glasper Experiment - Double Booked
The Hutch * Ken Fowser/Ben Gilece * Full View Ken Fowser & Behn Gillece - Full View
Maimi Jazz Scene * Jean Caze * Miami Jazz Scene Jean Caze - Miami Jazz Scene

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More Trios

We finish out last week's Trio program with Boston based John Funkhouser and then classics from Bud Powell and McCoy Tyner. Some guitar works ends the show with Hartford's own Rich Goldstein and Jake Langley.

Featured Album

Blue Note Cafe Paris 1961 on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Emancipation ~ John Funkhouser Trio ~ Time Time - John Funkhouser Trio
Night In Tunesia ~ Bud Powell ~ Blue Note Cafe Paris 1961 Blue Note Cafe Paris 1961 - Bud Powell
Impressions ~ McCoy Tyner ~ Trident Trident - McCoy Tyner
Minor's Trajedy ~ Rich Goldstien ~ Comin' from Montgomery
Minor League ~ Jake Langley ~ Movin' and Groovin' Movin' and Groovin' - Jake Langley

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Modern Jazz trios

This podcast showcases modern jazz trios. This small ensemble format takes many forms. Although one usually thinks of piano based trios in jazz, we also have trios led by drums, guitar, sax and bass represented here. We start with a Monk standard which Larry Coryell rocks out on. We then continue with some very thoughtful trio playing from drummer George Schuller and pianist Dan Tepfer. We sneak in a Tepfer/Preminger duet before hearing more great trio music by Noah Baerman, Vijay Iyer, Joshua Redman, Mike DiRubbo, John Pattitucci and the late Thomas Chapin.

Featured Album

Five Pedals Deep on amazon.com

Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Well You Needn't ~ Larry Coryell ~ Tricycles Tricycles - Larry Coryell
House of Blue Lime ~ George Schuller Trio ~ Life's Little Dramas Life's Little Dramas - George Schuller Trio, Dan Tepfer & Jeremy Stratton
Peal, Repeal ~ Dan Tepfer ~ Five Pedals Deep Five Pedals Deep - Dan Tepfer Trio
Back ATTYA ~ Noah Preminger and Dan Tepfer ~ Private recording
Tastes Like Chedda ~ Noah Baerman ~ Bliss Bliss - Noah Baerman Trio
Big Brother ~ Vijay Iyer Trio ~ Historicity Historicity (Bonus Track Edition) - Vijay Iyer Trio
Insomniac ~ Joshua Redman ~ Compass Compass - Joshua Redman
More Physical ~ Mike DiRubbo ~ Chronos Chronos - Mike DiRubbo
Safari ~ John Pattitucci ~ Rememberence Remembrance - John Patitucci
Alphaville ~ Thomas Chapin ~ Night Bird Song Night Bird Song - Thomas Chapin

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