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Tenor saxophone is front and center on this show. We'll hear some jazz artists from today's generation of tenor players along with some grand masters of the past. Representing players on the scene today are Marcus Strickland, Jimmy Greene and Abraham Burton. Of course there are so many great players out there, that it would be impossible to hear them all on one broadcast. From the past, two of the greatest are represented here with Ben Webster and Lester Young.

Featured Albums
Idiosyncrasies on amazon.com Soulmates on Amazon.com

Track * Artist * Album
The Child * Marcus Strickland * Idiosycracies Marcus Strickland - Idiosyncrasies
Middleman * Marcus Strickland * Idiosycracies Marcus Strickland - Idiosyncrasies
Love In Action * Jimmy Greene * Mission Statement Jimmy Greene - Mission Statement
Forbidden Fruit * Abraham Burton Eric McPherson Quartet * Cause and Effect Abraham Burton & Eric McPherson - Cause and Effect
How High the Moon * Ben Webster * At Ronnie Scott 1964 Ben Webster - Ben Webster Live At Ronnie Scott 1964
Trav'lin' Light * Ben Webster * Soulmates Ben Webster & JOE ZAWINUL - Soulmates
Soulmates * Ben Webster * Soulmates Ben Webster & JOE ZAWINUL - Soulmates
Ad Lib Blues * Lester Young * Tea for Two Lester Young & The Oscar Peterson Trio - Tea for Two
Jean De Fleur * Grant Green * Idle Moments Grant Green - Idle Moments (The Rudy Van Gelder Edition Remastered)

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  • Chris H

    Enjoyed the Ben Webster selections, especially the track from Ronnie Scott’s, which quotes Charlie Parker’s ‘Ornithology’ towards the end. Ronnie Scott’s was of course the premier jazz club in London, and Jackie Dougan, Rick Laird and Stan Tracey would have been the house rhythm section provided for visiting soloists at the time. Unfortunately recording technology over here was a long way behind the US at the the time so I can well believe it was a 1964 recording!

    May 16, 2010 at 5:01 pm