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Had John Lennon not been tragically murdered at age 40, he would have been 70 years old today. This show pays tribute to one of the most influential songwriter, singer, artist and activist of my generation. On this broadcast, I feature Lennon (and Lennon/McCartney) compositions throughout the entire show. Some of these from John Lennon recordings and others by some great jazz musicians covering his works.

Featured Album

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Track ~ Artist ~ Album
Imagine ~ John Lennon ~ Imagine
Piggies ~ BeatleJazz ~ With A Little Help From My Friends:
Julia ~ John Lennon ~ Imagine (Original Soundtrack)
Julia ~ Craig Hartley ~ remixes The Beatles
Mother Nature's Son ~ Joel Frahm and Brad Mehldau ~ Step Inside Step
How Do You Sleep ~ John Lennon ~ Imagine
Working Class Hero ~ BeatleJazz ~ With A Little Help From My Friends:
Revolution ~ John Lennon ~ Imagine (Original Soundtrack)
Lovely Rita ~ BeatleJazz ~ With A Little Help From My Friends:
She's Leaving Home ~ Brad Mehldau Trio ~ Day Is Done Day
Imagine/Peace Piece ~ Craig Hartley ~ remixes The Beatles
Gimme Some Truth ~ John Lennon ~ Imagine

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  • Nik Edgerton

    Beautiful set. Really nice to commemorate one of the great minds in music. The remix of Craig Hartley’s is stunning. Thank you. Happy Birthday John. RIP.

    Oct 10, 2010 at 11:57 pm
  • Chris H

    Some great versions on this show, although not all were Lennon songs - Piggies was George Harrison’s, and Mother Nature’s Son is probably a McCartney song as he sings and plays it on the white album. If I were to suggest another jazz Lennon version it would have to be Freddie Hubbard’s take on Cold Turkey. Great stuff.

    Oct 11, 2010 at 5:22 pm